The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issues its report: “People with special needs between reality and hope”

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Today, Thursday, 5/1/2023, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) issues its report on: People with special needs between reality and hope, which addresses the rights of people with special needs, and the challenges they face, through some points which are:

  1. Definition of People with special needs.
  2. Rights of People with special needs under international law.
  3. The most important problems People with special needs face.
  4. Strategies for dealing with People with special needs.
  5. Egyptian models challenged disability.
  6. The State’s efforts to support People with special needs.

The magnitude and nature of their problems differ from society to other, according to the standard that normal people use to recognize the concept and meaning of Special needs, then searching for the appropriate means to deal with this distinctive group in a way that suits with their particular situation.


And the level of caring people with special needs is considered as a key standard to measure the civilization and evolution of nations, and also represents one of the priorities of contemporary states and organizations, which stems from the legitimacy of their rights to equal opportunities with others in all aspects of life.


The report pointed out that the Egyptian People with special needs are 12 million citizens, about 15% from the total population. Also, because the presence of a person with special needs in the family affects the entire family, the number of people affected by the disabilities is approximately 36 million, about 35% from the total population. So, Egypt seeks to provide all the basic requirements of life for these people, integrate them socially, as well as allocating a percentage to work in the institutions of State, and elimination of all forms of bullying, racism and discrimination against them.



While these tangible achievements are significant, more can be looked forward to by adopting some recommendations:

  1. Encouraging participation of people with disabilities effectively in their society and in the development plans and programs, through the global program of Action that Ministry of Health should apply, related to the disabled.
  2. Increasing comprehensive awareness of the health rights of the disabled,
  3. Raising the awareness of disabled people and their families about all services that granted to them freely, in order to facilitate their lives.
  4. Raising the awareness and consolidating the concept of equal opportunities between the disabled and healthy people, regardless of their different needs, or place of residence.
  5. Urging the participation of the disabled in all development program in his society.
  6. Prioritizing People with special needs in granting lands and participating in the Real Estate Development Fund.
  7. Trying to provide appropriate conditions to people with special needs in buildings, through forcing the owners of such building to take into account and implement them.
  8. Providing special parking for the cars of people with special needs.
  9. Attempting to ensure job opportunities that suit the disabled people, and close to their homes.
  10. Establishing particular files for people with special needs in the main hospitals in the cities.


For his part, Saeed Abdel Hafez, Chairman of the FDHRD, stressed that understanding the issue of people with special needs and mobilizing support to their dignity, rights and welfare is a prerequisite for upholding Human Rights, Sustainable Development, peace and security. It is one of the essential points to achieve the commitments of the Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030.


While Sara Ibrahim, a researcher at FDHRD, addressed that the disability is one of the issues that requires global mobility from all public and private sectors, as it is not limited only to the individual role, but it is also a social issue.

People with special needs between reality and hope


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