The Legal Aid Unit of the Forum for Development & Human Rights Dialogue Foundation Monitors the Release of 3,633 “September 20” protesters and calls upon the Attorney General to close the case and Release the Remaining Defendants

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Press Release

The Legal Aid Unit of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue on Wednesday will release its monitoring report on the issue 1338 of 2019, the security of the supreme state, known in the media as the September 20 case, which was called by contractor Mohamed Ali on social media, where the unit monitored the release of 3,633 protesters out of a total of 3,717 remanded  in custody, and worked to monitor and document the case and follow up the trial of the accused since September 2019 and over the past seven months.

Limited demonstrations broke out after the end of the super cup match between al-Ahli and Zamalek teams, in more than one governorate such as Cairo, Giza, Alexandria and Suez, and these demonstrations came against the backdrop of a campaign launched by the fugitive contractor Mohammed Ali and other personalities through videos broadcast on social media.

As a result, the defendants were arrested from September 20 and lasted about 10 days thereafter, and their first presentation to the prosecution was on September 22nd, and they were charged with the following charges:   

  • Participation of a terrorist group in achieving its purposes.
  •  Broadcast and spread false news and broadcast it.
  • Misuse of social media sites.
  • Taking part in a demonstration without a license.
  • The report monitored the release of the accused in connection with the case as follows:

October 2019 991

November 2, 2019 502

December 2019 188

March and April 2020 17

Different dates1935

Total 3633

The Forum called upon the Attorney General to review the legal positions of the remaining 84 defendants, close the case and unite efforts  as a government and opposition in Egypt’s fight against the Corona virus and its effects.

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