The Supreme Administrative Court is hearing today the appeal filed by candidate Saeed Reda Al-Wasimi for the individual seat in the fifth electoral constituencies of Hadaeq Al Qubbah

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020


The Electoral Observatory of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development is following today the appeal No. 10235 for the year 67 judicial filed by the barrister Tarek Al-Awadhi in favour of the independent individual candidate from the fifth electoral constituencies of Hadaeq Al Qubbah against the president of the National Electoral Commission.

The appellant stated in the grounds of appeal that the decision to declare the result to prove that the appellant received several votes contrary to the real number received, which necessitates the order of the distinguished court to recalculate the number of votes obtained by each candidate in the subcommittees included in the General Committee No. 5 and including (54) sub-committees to determine the fact that the appellant ranked among the other candidates in the light of the fact that he received the votes.

He called on the authority to stop implementing the decision issued by the President of the National Electoral Commission to announce the result of the elections to the General Committee No. (5) the Department of Police of Hadaeq Al Qubbah with the recollection of the minutes of the (54) subcommittees and counting the votes in the two committees (50 and 52) again to show the real votes of each candidate with the consequent effects and implementation of the provision of his draft without announcement.

He also called for the cancellation of the decision issued by the president of the National Electoral Commission, which included the announcement that both the candidate Sayed Nasr and the candidate Hussein Gad will run in the run-off round in the fifth electoral constituency in Cairo governorate and the effects, particularly the inclusion of the name of the appellant Said Mohammed Reda Wasimi as a candidate for the run-off instead of the fourth-place contrary to the popular will and officially established according to the records of the screening of the 54 sub-committees.

 The complaint filed by Wasimi to the National Electoral Commission on Nov. 9, 2020, challenging the counting of votes and announcing the final result at the headquarters of the General Committee of District No. 5 has been rejected.

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