A Libyan gang attacked an Egyptian worker in Bani Walid

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Mohamed Ahmed Hindawi El-Sherbiny, a young Egyptian, who travelled to Libya, one of the workers residing in the city of Bani Walid, was kidnapped on July 11, 2021, by two people on the pretext of doing some work in exchange for giving him a sum of money.

While arriving at the agreed site for work, the two people surprised him by detaining and kidnapping him at gunpoint, torturing him and demanding a ransom of 25 thousand Libyan dinars in exchange for his release.

A Libyan security source indicated that he communicated with the kidnappers and threatened them that if the Egyptian kidnapper was not released by the afternoon prayer on the nineteenth of last July. The den in it will be raided by the security forces and dealt with safely. He was released and transferred to a hospital after communicating with the Egyptian embassy and informing them that they were able to release him, due to his health condition as he was being tortured by the kidnappers. A report was also prepared regarding the incident and sent to the Libyan criminal investigation regarding the names and whereabouts of the kidnappers; in preparation for their capture

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