The Egyptian Coalition condemns the Turkish attack on Egyptian tourists
in the city of Istanbul.

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The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development expresses its strong condemnation and denunciation of the barbaric attack on Egyptian tourists by Turkish people in the Turkish capital, Istanbul.
Two Egyptians were assaulted in Hafez Mustafa’s shop after they objected to the bill. They were eating their food and discovered that two dishes they had not ordered were added to the bill. As soon as they asked them to correct the bill, some people gathered around the Egyptian tourists in a hostile manner. A video clip showed hand attacks by the Turks on the Egyptians, and a fist fight broke out between them on the streets of Taksim Square in Istanbul in the presence of a security man who stood silent and prevented the attack on the Egyptians at first, but was then forced to intervene to disperse the aggressors after the quarrel developed, but the tourists were subjected to a severe assault by several individuals.
This happened one day after the Turks violently attacked a Kuwaiti citizen and his family in the city of Trabzon, Turkey, while they were spending a tourist vacation in Turkey.
In this context, the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights calls on the Turkish authorities to quickly investigate this incident and the previous incidents of similar attacks on other Arab nationalities and to stop hate speech and racism against Arab citizens in Turkey.

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