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An Insight into the Democrats’ Counterterrorism Policy

Today’s landscape is different from what the world has endured and encountered in 2001. Today countries are facing a complex mix of domestic and international terrorist forces that impact the security of the nation states. For decades, the United States of America’ strategy has remained unchanged by focusing on countering terrorism as a primary national security priority while neglecting today’s increasing issues like extremism, social injustice, and racism.

U.S. administrations for decades have worked toward implementing counter terrorism strategies and policies to combat terrorism, particularly in the Middle East, as a main national security priority, as U.S. administrations have held the Middle East to be responsible for the proliferation of terrorism since September 11. However, Biden’s administration takes a different course. Biden stressed in his recently released Interim National Security Guidance on his desire to focus on Europe and the Indo-Pacific rather than the Middle East.

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