(Coalition followers: continued electoral propaganda Some committees are in violation of the decisions of the National Electoral Commission)

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Sunday, 25/10/ 2020    

Statement   #2

(Coalition followers:   continued electoral propaganda Some committees are in violation of the decisions of the National Electoral Commission) 


Followers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development monitored the continuation of electoral propaganda in front of some committees in violation of the decisions of the National Electoral Commission, such as the following:

  • Beni Suef Governorate
  • Sub-Committee 2 Dream School for Basic Education.
  • Committee number 36, the middle school in Beni Ahmed. 
  • Committee no. 37 schools Ahmed Ezzat Kamel. 
  • Committee 39, joint primary school in Batwa. 
  • Committee 56, joint   primary school teacheron the island of Bba. 
  • Dr. Mustafa Al-Wakil secondary school in Al-Maymonvillage.
  • Alnwishi joint primary school- preparatory school in Al-Maymonvillage.
  • The teacher of Bayad al-Arab elementaryschool is a boys in the villageof Bayd  al-Arab.
  • Al-HalabiPrimary School is a village of Halabi.
  • Committees 194, 195, People’s Sports Club, Bandar Minya.
  • Luxor Governorate:
  • A car roams the streets of the Armant Wall area, and is located in front of the 70th Committee, Armant Joint Primary School.
  • Aswan Province:
  • Propaganda for one of the candidates in front of the school martyr Abdul Malik Awadan,    Aswan Center,   Sil area traffic district second section committee No. 109 and 108.
  • Propaganda for supporters of one of the candidates in front of Omar bin Khattab Preparatory School, Committees 128 129, Aswan Thani Department.
  • The presence of electoral propaganda in the 119th and 120th committees in the complex of Aziz Ibrahim School, Sil area.
  • Committees 27.28.29 at the Red Kom School in The Red Villageof Al-Kom, Aswan.
  • Committee No. (36) Al-Maris New Primary School. 
  • Committees (23,2) Martyr Mahmoud Al-Nubian school. 
  • Committees (21,20) teacher of the Al-Maris Basic Education Complex.   
  • Minya Governorate:
  • Electoral propaganda and directing voters outside the committees, the Arab school in Metai.
  • Committees 213, 214, Matai Girls High School, propaganda for one of the candidates for the future of the homeland
  • Giza Governorate
  • Safaya Zaghloul School Complex.
  • Benin Primary School 
  • Osman Bin Afan School of BasicEducation.

Imbaba Military High School Benin

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