On the second day of the first phase elections: (Coalition followers: increased turnout in the early hours in front of some committees)

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Sunday, 25/10/ 2020

11:00 a.m.

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“On the second day of the first phase elections.”  

Coalitionfollowers: increased turnout in the early hours in front of some committees


Followers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development monitored a remarkable activity and increased turnout of voters in some committees in the early hours of this morning, where coalition followers monitored the extension of the queues of voters in front of some committees suchas:

• Beni Suef Governorate

– mixed preparatory school in Damant al- Jabal.

mixed primary school in Damant al- Jabal

– The joint primary school is short.

– Padrasia Joint Primary School

– mixed primary school in Cey

– Primary School No. 1, Qai Village Council

– mixed primary school Abu Qasim Nasr Bakai

– Martyr’s school Captain Hisham Kamal Touma secondary school boys in the field of the birth of the prophet

– Martyr’s School Captain Mina Ezzat Zaki Saleh preparatory school in The Prophet’s Birth Square next to the health unit

– popular square Sh Dr. Ali Shafii, the birth of the prophet

– The preparatory school has lined the light with the seaof the country, the light islined.

– Ezba School Mohammed Mahmoud Safat al- Nour.

– Martyr Mustafa Rabie Mustafa School in the center of the village Safat Al-Arafa

Committee No. 99, Old Girls Preparatory School, Al-Jala, Bassta.  

Committee number 100, middle school, old girls, al-Jalah, Basmsta.  

– Committee No. 101 Youth and Sports Club on July 26th Street in Mesta.  

Committee No. 102 Al-Zubair, son of Awami elementary school, Ezbeh al- Azhari, Bandar Samsta.  

Committee no. 35, Imam primary school in the Ezba imam Al-Sharif.  

• Aswan Province.

– Committees 58, 59, 60, 61, October Annulment School, Aswan Center.

– Awad Al Sayed Abdullah School. Hamimi Al-Jabalawi Street, Aswan Center.

Committee No. 88, Omar bin Khattab Girls.

Committees 43,44, Al-Bayda Elementary School in Advo Center.  

• Qena Governorate

– The school of the detector farshout.  

– The Agricultural Society of Farshout.  

– Girls primary school.  

– Martyr Walid Taya School.  

– Sidi Gharib school.  

– Benin Farshout  Institute.

– Sabri Jadallah Al-Arki school.  

– Fathi Salim Al-Na’ad school.  

– Al-Asirat school.  

– preparatory school.  

– Primary school in Qaiba.  

– Red Kom school.  

– Rifaa school.  

– Hajj Salam school.  

– The red pile school in the red village of Al-Kom al- Ahmar, Farshot center.

Committees 27-28 Al-Sadis Al-Azhari Preparatory.

– Jean 25 and 26 Al-Sadis Al-Azhari Primary.

Committees 29 and 30 Al-Sibai Primary School.

– Committees 14, 15, Hijaza Tribal Middle School.

Luxor Governorate:  

– Committee 20, 2nd District School Complex Maris

– Committee 78, Zaghloul Primary Institute, Armant.

• Sohag Province

Committee No. 84, Al-Azhar School for Boys Preparatory and SecondarySchool.

– Committee of 86 Circles of Maragha.  

– Al-Jumhuriya School in Batahta, Tahata Police Station.  

• Minya Governorate:  

Committees 183 184, 185 middle school girls of Bani Mazar.  

Committee 130, Samalout high school girls. Committees 155, 156 Orouba Primary School, Matai Center.

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