Corruption in localities in Egypt

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Corruption is the main obstacle that hinders efforts aimed at achieving comprehensive development, because of its negative effects on all aspects of life and waste of energy, and restricting the ability of governments to provide services to all citizens.

Egypt has witnessed a remarkable development in the fight against corruption, and in light of the efforts made in the fields of economic and administrative reform, which are considered the main entrances to reduce the phenomenon of corruption in society. Egypt ratified the Arab Convention against Corruption in 2014 and also ratified the United Nations Convention in 2005 to reduce corruption. It requires the states parties to take the necessary measures to combat corruption.

The issue of corruption in the localities is one of the main issues not only in Egypt, but all countries of the world, whether they are developed and advanced in various fields or a developing country. Corruption in all its forms and forms is a phenomenon that exists and is widespread in all countries, but to varying degrees at the level of economic, political and administrative systems. political and social.

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