“Diplomatic Crimes of Hillary Clinton in Libya and violating its Sovereignty in History Court”

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Tuesday, 20th October 2020

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issues its report “Diplomatic Crimes of Hillary Clinton in Libya and violating its Sovereignty in History Court”  By: the Researcher, Mahmoud Basuoni    

The report reveals that correspondences of Hillary Clinton, the former US secretary of state in the government of the president Barack Obama, which has been recently disclosed have uncovered group of interventions made by Obama government in the Libyan affair in cooperation with Qatar. Such kind of policy represents a violation against UN strategy regarding combating terrorism since it supports groups of mercenaries in addition to evidences of US State Department violation of Geneva Conventions and committing crimes against humanity in Libya.

Moreover, the report points out that Hillary Clinton’s e-mails include documents which require an international and transparent investigation as they include facts and information related to the continued conflict in Libya during 2011. The documents include crimes caused by Obama’s administration and government which cooperated with and supported terroristic groups resulted in thousands of civilian victims (who could not be counted) and more than 430 thousand displaced people and migrants because of war according to UN estimations. Also according to rules of International Humanitarian Law, these interventions by Obama’s government in the Libyan affair are war crimes and crimes against humanity even if the national law does not punish an action which represent a war crime this does not justify what has been committed in accordance with provisions of International Humanitarian Law.

The report assures that by applying this on the case of US secretary of state Hillary Clinton we find out that – according to the content of a number of messages – she was aware in advance of the movements of conflicting parties and disregarded the movements of terrorists and mercenaries inside Libya and that she did not move or take a step to stop bleeding of Libyan blood. Yet she supported figures who related to terrorism; the matter which yielded in many civilian victims. This is revealed by a message on 30th April 2011 sent by the Libyan business man Omar Al Tarbi to Clinton in which he defined a list of targets which he recommends to be shelled inside Libya to ‘paralyze’ the effectiveness of law enforcement forces; the matter which resulted in civilian casualties. Another message reveals that she knew about the judgment of the former head of the Libyan National Transitional Council Mostafa Abd El Gilel regarding executing Abd Al Fattah Younis the former leader of the national army in 28th July 2011 without a trail by shooting him dead while she did nothing. The message text was as follows: “on the morning of 5th August 2011, sources of direct relation with senior officials in the Libyan Transitional Council said that the leader of military rebellion General Abd El Fattah Younis was executed by security forces upon instructions and orders by the head of the Libyan Transitional Council Mostafa Abd El Gilel”. Besides, another message in Clinton’s email reveals that officials in US Department of State have received a preliminary warning regarding the attack which targeted the American Diplomatic Complex in 2012 in Benghazi in the east of Libya, yet they were delay in responding and taking any measures to prevent such attack. Also the documents included aid message from Sherrill Mills to Hillary Clinton on 12 September 2012 which informed her with the recent novelties in Benghazi and also she did nothing; the matter which causes great losses in addition to the death of the American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans because of the attack which targeted the American Diplomatic Complex in Benghazi. 

Cooperation with Mercenaries 

Although the International Humanitarian Law criminalizes the activity of mercenaries and armed groups in international conflicts, yet the documents disclose the approval and support of the former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton to bring in mercenaries to inside Libya to get rid of Gaddafi then supported the transitional council which was controlled by Muslim Brotherhood Organization. According to other messages, Clinton has supported a plan to hire mercenaries from abroad to support rebellion against Al Gaddafi regime, commit massacres against civilians, attribute false news to authorities to stir public anger and inciting the international community against Tripoli. On 9th March 2011, she received a message via her email included information in regard to the plan of the Libyan Transitional Council to bring in mercenaries from abroad to fight against Libyan Army, among these mercenaries persons who have military experience which qualify them to shoot down army planes and helicopters. Another message about close sources to the Libyan Transitional Council and sources of high level in European governments and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood group reveals that they were secretly seeking to bring in members of armed mercenaries with the knowledge of US intelligence to face the failure of the Libyan Transitional Council government in Tripoli to effectively organize the country. The document includes information illustrating that members in Europe are in relation with leaders in the Libyan Transitional Council who planned during the protests which broke out in 2011 against Al Gaddafi to urge the military commission of the council to think of hiring mercenaries from abroad. The document also points out that these people think that NATO and western organizations will not take a decision of providing aid to the Libyan opposition unless there is a humanitarian catastrophe. The document clarifies the required standards in mercenaries which include the military experience which qualify them to shoot down planes and helicopters of army to cause the most possible damage for Al Gaddafi forces.

Supporting Terrorist Figures

According to the message on 5th April 2012, there were correspondences between officer in Hillary Clinton’s office and the American Ambassador in Libya who killed in Benghazi Christopher Stevens, the correspondences described Abd Al Hakim Belhah the Libyan terrorist who lives in Turkey by using the term “our boy”. In this message Stevens narrated the content of his meeting with Muslim Brotherhood Group about their running for elections of national conference and their fear of unpopularity as they are loyal to the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood and that Libyans refuse to be controlled by Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt while Stevens himself saw that Muslim Brotherhood have high popularity in Libya. The message also points out fears of Mostafa Abd El Gelil the head of the transitional council from Belhah, Muslim Brotherhood Group and Al Adaala and Ban’a Party as Abd El Gelil was in contact with the leader of Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Baddei because Libyan Muslim Brotherhood follows him to exceed Belhah authority and influence.

Hence according to these messages, it is clear that Hillary Clinton has participated (while by silence or participation) in crimes against humanity which were witnessed by Libya during the period from 2011 till the end of 2012 violating crimes regulation stated in the Fourth Convention of Geneva by shelling civilians, killing, supporting armed militias and mercenaries in Libyan conflict and supporting terrorist members such as Muslim Brotherhood member Abd El Karim Belhah who was accused of crimes of killing and torturing civilians in Libya which requires the UN investigation committees to document these cases and victims’ data.                                    

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