Echoes of the War on Gaza in Reports of International

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It is clear that Human Rights Watch tried to show its intention to remain neutral, but it did not hide its bias towards Israel and justified the Israeli massacres by saying that they were a “response” to what the Hamas movement did, and although the organization indicated in some reports what it was doing Israel kills civilians, violates international law, and uses internationally banned phosphorous missiles. But there are two reports that confirm its bias towards the Israeli side, the first of which is the report in which it confirmed that its laboratories confirmed the authenticity of three videos in which Hamas appears on October 7th committing “crimes,” as they put it, against the Israelis, while it has not mentioned anything yet about the authenticity of the videos and photos from the Palestinian side, which indicates that the reader and public opinion have been pushed to question the pictures and videos that the Palestinians publish. The second is the report in which Human Rights Watch mentioned what Israel should do in imitating America in its planned ground war, which indicates hidden support from Human Rights Watch for what Israel is doing and will do.

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