ECHRD Followers Monitor the Interaction of Workers in the Senate Elections.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Statement Number 3

ECHRD Followers Monitor the Interaction of Workers in the Senate Elections.

ECHRD Followers monitored the activity of labor unions, general unions, and institutions affiliated with the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, from yesterday Tuesday morning until noon today, Wednesday, to participate in the election process and its activities for the Senate elections, which began yesterday.

The Egyptian coalition has followed up messages, data and activity of the sub-chambers from the local federations so far in the governorates: (Giza, Minya, Assiut, Sohag, Qena, Qalyubia, Red Sea, Suez, Beheira and Alwadi AlGadid).

As well as the general unions: (land transport, chemicals (pharmaceutical companies), petroleum and trade, banks, administrative services, engineering and communications industries, finance, taxes and customs).

There are expectations of a strong turnout this afternoon due to the departure of workers and employees from work sites. The initial indicators are positive, with regard to the participation of women and the elderly workers, but the youth turnout is weak. Even though the union has a youth room, which is (the secretariat of youth workers) of the General Federation. The Egyptian trade unions, in addition to the (Young Workers Union) affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, both of which did not provide a tangible youth injection into this electoral scene.

On the other hand, it is reported that the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, which includes 27 general unions and local federations at the level of the Republic, declared a state of emergency, and the formation of a central operations room to follow up all new developments, communicate with workers and provide all the possibilities that qualify them to go down and participate, as Transfers, subsistence and allowances.

Communication is carried out between the operating rooms, with the central chamber in Cairo, as well as with the union committees in all work, in all sectors, to urge workers to participate in this electoral scene.

Workers seek to choose qualified candidates who are able to discuss legislation, which would balance the three parties to work, “the government, business owners and workers.” It is a “work force of up to 25 million” factor.

This electoral entitlement comes in light of the great economic challenges facing the workers, and despite that, the workers of Egypt stood united in all national positions, in order to protect national security at home and abroad. They actively participated in the battle of labor and development, and they deservedly deserved the title “Production Soldiers”.

All Egyptian workers in all sectors and production sites throughout the Republic participated in the elections for the first Senate after the recent constitutional amendments that were put to a referendum in April 2019, following President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s decision to ratify the laws regulating the Senate elections.

The head of the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions stressed his support for the national list “For Egypt”, proving that the components of this “list” refer to upholding the national interest, as it includes 11 parties with different opinions and orientations, which makes it a qualitative leap in party and national performance. During the coming period, and a role model for all upcoming constitutional benefits, he affirmed his great confidence in the participation of Egyptian workers, “production soldiers”, in participating in this constitutional benefit.

On the second day of the elections, Egyptian workers continued to participate in the Senates elections. They are praised of the intensity of their participation on the second day, as they left all work sites in coordination with the administrations and union committees, to cast their votes in these historic elections that take place in light of internal and external challenges, and follow-up Conditions from inside work sites and ballot boxes.

According to official statistics, about 63 million citizens are entitled to vote from among those registered in the voter database before 27 general committees (representing the different governorates) comprising 14,092 subcommittees, conducted under full judicial supervision with the participation of 18,000 judges (primary and reserve), and the assistance of 120,000 employees.

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