ECHRD holds its second training Session in Al-Sharqiya for Observers of Senate Elections

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Cairo, July 13, 2020

Press Release


An interactive meeting was held between the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development, and between development and human rights associations and institutions in Zagazig in Al-Sharqiya, and in partnership with Al-Sharqiya Youth Development Association, as part of the Coalition’s extended meetings of election observers from the association’s members of the coalition.

The discussion and the development of the skills of followers managed by the human rights expert and electoral systems consultant Abdel Nasser Qandil and discussed with the audience several topics, the most prominent of which (electoral entitlements, senate law, observing elections), in an atmosphere of interaction between the officials and representatives of associations and development and human rights institutions,
and these associations and institutions submitted some proposals, in addition to applying to join the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development, consisting of a number of institutions and development associations at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The meeting was the second interactive meeting on the observing of the Senate elections, where the first meeting was held in Giza in cooperation with the “Women for Development” Foundation in Imbaba, in which a number of relevant development associations and institutionsparticipated.

In this context comes also the initiative of the coalition to network with more than one institution and development and human rights associations, at the level of all governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt, where the next interactive meeting will be held in Alexandria governorate, followed by a tour of the coalition in Luxor governorate.

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