ECHRD holds its Sixth training in Beni Suef to Observe Senate Elections

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July 20th, 2020


An interactive meeting between the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development and between development and human rights associations and institutions in Beni Suef governorate and in partnership with the Association for Community Development on The Island of Beba, as part of the coalition’s expanded meetings of election observers from the alliance’s member associations. The discussion was moderated by

 Professor Haitham Osman,

Professor Emad Eddin Issa Mustafa (training consultant)

and discussed with the audience several topics, the most prominent of which were (electoral benefits, senate law, observing elections), in an atmosphere of interaction between the recipients of officials and representatives of associations and development and human rights institutions, and these associations and institutions submitted some proposals, in addition to applying to join the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development, consisting of a number of institutions and development associations at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Mr. Wafa Abdullah Wahba, Secretary of the Association of The Island of Beba, one of the associations members of the alliance, said that several topics were discussed in this meeting with the civil societies, the most important of which: What is the Senate??????  

The Senate in the Egyptian Constitution terms of reference of the Senate,

The terms of the Senate,

The formation of the Senate in accordance with the law,

The conditions of running for the Senate, The documents required to run for the role of civil societies in the 2020 Senate elections

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