Egyptians Living Abroad

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Egypt today is considered to be a source of both emigration and immigration, and labor
migration is considered to be the most important dynamic factor in Egypt, where remittances
flows are exceptionally important for the state’s economic development.

Post 2011, Egypt witnessed several key changes in its state policies, including changes in
Egypt’s policies toward migration, migrants, and Egyptians living abroad. Since 2016, the
Egyptian government has undertaken several decisions, implemented set of policies, and
launched several campaigns as a part of its strategy towards engaging the Egyptian diaspora
as part of its 2030 development agenda, through encouraging the diaspora’s remittances,
investments, and skills transfer for the development of the country.

For many years, the gap between the Egyptians living abroad and their homeland has been
widely increasing, although many entities have been responsible for the affairs of the
Egyptians abroad, whether through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Ministry of
Immigration or the migration sector under the guise of the Ministry of Manpower,
During the 2011-2013 turmoil, a huge number of Egyptians migrated abroad as a result of the
political tensed situation. The increased number of Egyptians migrating abroad whether
legally or illegally has resulted in a number of 10 million Egyptians residing in different regions.

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