Europe’s Confrontation of Religious Extremism

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In recent years, extremism has increased in Europe. Extremists are trying to dismantle their ideas in societies and politics through different ranges of strategies, making it crucial for European states to combat extremism. In light of the wave of attacks that took place in Paris and Brussels in 2015 and 2016 and continued, European states paid attention to combat Islamist extremism and religious intolerance as forms of terrorism by amending and implementing new policies, as it became crucial for the European states and its local authorities to counter this phenomenon. In this context, most of the European governments, if not all, have announced plans and adopted different measures to combat radicalization and a series of measures to prevent terrorist threats from the bearers of extremist ideologies from Islamist and right wing  extremists. The Global Terrorism Index 2020 of the Institute for Economics and Peace points that there is no other point in the past 50 years have there been more right-wing terrorist acts than the  present days.

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