FDHRD Welcomes the Decree Issued by the Cairo Criminal Court to Close a Private Hospital on charge of Human Trafficking

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Today, Thursday, December 23, 2021, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) welcomed the decree issued by the 15th District Criminal Court yesterday, which caused the closure of a private hospital in Cairo for a period of one year, and the punishment of a doctor (the owner of the hospital), and 3 others with 10 years in prison, and 6 years for the second accused, and a fine of 200,000 pounds for all. For it was proven that they were accused of the crime of trafficking in human organs.
The gang specialized in the field of human organ trafficking, especially “kidney transplantation.” They performed 120 kidney transplants between 2019-2020. The prosecution was able to reach 25 of the victims. The perpetrators had received the victims, transported, housed them. They offered to sell and buy their human organs (kidneys) for each of them, taking advantage of their need, with the intention of removing them from their bodies to transplant them into the bodies of others and to obtain material benefits in violation of medical rules and principles.
The investigations efforts of the police forces in the “New Cairo” district revealed the violations that occurred inside the hospital, and they arrested the accused (Head of the Kidney Department- Professor of Urology- Professor of Anesthesia- Department Director of one of the private medical analysis laboratories- Employee of the Kidney Institute- a Nurse- 4 other people). Two of them had in their possession (amounts of money for “local- foreign” currencies- a set of x-rays and analyzes belonging to their victims), and obtained all the documents related to their activities, as they cooperated with five hospitals, within the regions of Heliopolis, Nasr City.
For its part, the FDHRD affirms its rejection and combating of all those who trade in human organs in Egypt and all over the world.
The FDHRD praises the efforts of the Egyptian state agencies in monitoring and investigating all medical violations, especially the phenomenon of human trafficking, because it reveals the organizations and gangs that hide among the “medical staff” and trade in lives for material profit.

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