Followers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development and The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Follow the First Round of The Second Phase of the 2020 Parliamentary Elections

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Saturday, 7/11/2020
at 9:00 AM

Statement No.1


The round will be held throughout November 7 and 8, 2020, where the followers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development begin today to follow the first round of elections of the 2020 parliament in the governorates (Cairo, Qalyubia, Daqahliya, Minoufia, Gharbiya, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Sharqiya, Damietta, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, North Sinai, South Sinai) with (200) followers. The second phase voting process takes place in (13) governorates distributed over (72) constituencies allocated (141) seats by individual voting system and (142) seats under the closed list system.
It is worth mentioning that:

  • The voting process in the (initial) phase was conducted within (14) governorates with a total number of voters of (31,719,224) voters within (71) constituencies allocated to it (143) seats in the individual voting system in addition to (142) seats in the closed list system.    
  • The number of candidates to compete for individual seats reached (3964) candidates after the end of the period of appeals and concessions with an average of (147) candidates for each governorate and (48) candidates for each constituency and (14) candidates for each of the seats allocated to the individual system.           

    The number of polling stations increased from (14,092) polling stations in the 2020 Senate elections to (20,432) in the 2020 parliamentary elections, an increase of (6,340) committees, with the total number of voting committees during the first round (10,240) sub-committee.         
  • The first phase included competition between (1,862) candidates for individual seats with an average of (26.6) candidates per constituency and (13.1) candidates for each individual seat in addition to (568) candidates representing the basic and reserve elements of the competition for the seats allocated to the closed lists system in the two constituencies (second – fourth) within the lists (Call of Egypt) and the unified national list (For Egypt).
  • 9,069,729 voters participated in the first phase (28.06%).
  • The results showed that (32) candidates in the first round representing (16.2%) won their seats from the first round and (110) electoral seats remained divided among (54) constituencies for a second round of voting between (220) candidates.  

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