The National Electoral Commission responds to the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development, and the coalition’s followers monitor the commitment of committee chairmen to alert voters to wear muzzles inside polling stations

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Sunday, 8/11/ 2020

10:30 AM

Statement #1


On the second day of voting for the first round of the second phase, followers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development monitored the commitment of voters to wear muzzles during the vote after strict warnings from committee chairmen to wear them in response to the remarks made by the coalition to the National Authority yesterday.

The alliance’s followers monitored the commitment to wear the muzzle and maintain the distance in the following committees in the following languages:

• Committees 47, 48, Swedish Joint School, Derb Najm, Eastern.  

• Committee of 42 Martyr Hassan Bayoumi Preparatory School, Um Al-Zain, Zagazig, Sharqiya.

• Committee 271 Joint Martyrs Complex, First Circle, Zagazig, Eastern.

• Committee 145, Sufi Joint Middle School, Ouled Saqr Center, Eastern.

• Committee 182, Zagazig Girls High School, First Zagazig Center, Eastern.

• Committee of 98 Schools Farid Ghoneim, Belbes, Eastern.

• Mahmoudiyah School of Basic Education, Eastern.

• Committees 131, 132, 133, Rizk Hammamo Elementary School, Al-Barals, Kafr Al-Sheikh.

• Committees 137, 138, 139, Baltim Middle School, Kafr Al-Sheikh.  

• Committees 181, 182, 183, Language School, First Section Kafr al-Sheikh, Kafr Al-Sheikh.  

• Committee of 120 Schools of Martyr Jalal Shamma, Freedom Village, Qalin Center, Kafr Al-Sheikh.  

• Committees 96, 97, Kafr Al-Zayat Elementary School, Western.  

• Committees 98, 99 Martyr Mohammed Hani Lachin School, Kafr Al-Zayat, Al-Gharbia.

• Committees 132, 133, Benin Junior High School, Al-Tabin, Cairo.

• Committee of 48 Um al-Champions Middle School, Nile Corniche, Helwan, Cairo.

• Committees 53, 54, 55, Ennahda School, Helwan, Cairo.  

• Committee of 18 Saray Al-Qubba Junior High School Girls, Olive and Princely Circle, Cairo.  

• Committees 20, 22 Galilee Language Training School, Olive and Princely Department, Cairo.

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