Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Foundation Calls for an End to the Arbitrary Layoffs of Tourism Workers Due to Corona

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Press Release

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Foundation on Saturday called on the Chamber of Tourism Companies and the Chamber of Hotels to protect workers from arbitrary layoffs due to the Corona Pandemic,  and to maintain trained staff and maintain regular salaries during the period of confronting the virus, which have turned into a global crisis that have led to the collapse of the tourism industry worldwide, so everyone must do their part in order to maintain human health and continuity of life.

The foundation warned against harming hundreds of thousands of workers in this sector because of the direct impact on their families as a result of the difficult economic situation faced by the state and the world, and demanded officials of the Chambers of Tourism and the  Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Tourism not to put the state under more pressure than what it is already facing due to the global pandemic, and to raise social and solidarity responsibility and maintain trained staff until the crisis ends with the least possible losses.

The foundation said the government and the private sector around the world bear the financial burdens put on countries and peoples by the emergency crisis and work not to harm workers in various sectors so that the crisis does not turn from a health crisis to an economic crisis, as well as bearing the high social cost of exacerbating the unemployment crisis and its direct impact on economic and social rights.

The statements of the officials of the tourism chambers in the past days were trying to shift responsibility towards the workers of the sector, and to lay the burden of the crisis on the state alone, and some of them said that the treatment of this crisis,  which will throw a lot of  labor in a dark fate in the hands of the emergency fund in the Ministry of  Manpower, although the Chamber of Tourism Companies has the financial liquidity that enables it to bear the burden This crisis until its end without putting pressure on the state and burdening it more and to maintain the trained workers that the chambers spent millions on  employment training after the events of January 2011 that caused the layoff of most of the trained workers and their travel abroad or their work in other funds.

The Forum pointed out that the tourism sector is one of the sectors most affected by  the Corona pandemic around the world, and no country can compensate for the losses of the sector potential due to the crisis and may continue its repercussions for a period of time even after its end because it will be the last sector that can rise again after the end of the crisis not only in Egypt but all over the world, so the foundation stresses that the tourist chambers do their duty towards the workers in the sector and towards the state. Top of Form

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