FDHRD Welcomes Egyptian Government Efforts to Return Egyptians Stranded Abroad due to Covid-19

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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Press Release

Forum of Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) welcomed the Egyptian government’s efforts to return the Egyptians stranded abroad to return home, with the start of taking precautionary measures against the spread of the Corona virus and the closure of Egyptian airports.

FDHRD referred in a statement, today Saturday, to the state response to aid many Egyptian families to return their sons from Sudan and Britain after the government took the decision to close airports. FDHRD indicated that the moves of ministry of Immigration in coordinating with state institutions to return 1700 student from Sudan through the Qastal crossing, and transported them to the nearest place where they can reach their homes, with timings for the movement of 30 buses, providing their needs for meals and subjecting them to a comprehensive medical examination to check on their health.

FDHRD highlights that it is the fourth intervention of the Egyptian State over the last three months to return the Egyptians from abroad. The government sent a special air plane to Wuhan, China (corona virus epicenter), to bring Egyptians back, and freeing and returning 32 Egyptian fishermen to the homeland after being detaining in December 2019. The Minister of Civil Aviation flew a special plane to retrieve the Egyptians stranded in Britain before the decision to close the airports came into effect, in addition to the Ministry of Immigration announcing that it would communicate with the concerned authorities in Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to return the Egyptians wishing to return as well. “With these quick responses, the Egyptian government has proved its keenness on preserving the life of the Egyptian citizen and its support for his right to return to his homeland during times of epidemics and health crises, and that it stands by him when exposed to any danger.” Said Abd El Hafez, FDHRD President.

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