Khaled Amgad Awad

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Khaled Amgad Awad, 24, from Fassis Village, Zveti Center, Al-Gharbiya Governorate, studied in American schools in Saudi Arabia and traveled to America in 2016 after his application to join the University of Toledo was accepted, he then enrolled at the highest-rated University of South Florida to study chemical engineering, on 6/7/2021 Police arrested him for stabbing a Jewish rabbi named “Shlomo Nugenskio” while attending an anniversary at a school in Boston’s Brighton area, where the Jewish rabbi stated that Khaled drew a firearm and ordered him to open the door of his car and ride in it quietly, believing this to be a mugging, and then asked him to go to the nearest parking lot and then stabbed him with a knife eight stab wounds

He was charged with: (possession of a knife, assaulting a security officer and kicking him in the abdomen “while trying to arrest him” and possession of a firearm), Police has labeled this as a hate crime.

Police obtained a video of the incident captured by a man named Julio Diaz who was at the scene.

Khaled’s mother expressed in an interview with FDHRD about the difficulty of communicating with Khaled inside the prison where they contacted him only once, and confirmed that she tried to communicate with “Grace Point” to inquire about the medications given to Khaled as he is suffering from some psychological problems but did not reach anything.

His trial has been postponed from 3/11/2021 to 5/1/2022

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