Maryam Hatem Mustafa

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Six girls dragged 18-year-old Egyptian engineering student Maryam Hatem Mustafa on February 20, 2018 in Nottingham, UK, and hit her on the head several times violently, resulting in her entering a coma that led to her death on March 14, 2018.

The underage defendants, who are called “gangs” in Britain – dragged Maryam in Nottingham city centre and assaulted her by hitting her on the head with their feet, and Maryam tried to escape and entered the nearest passenger bus, demanding that the driver not let them in, however. They managed to chase her and continued the attack, until an African youth intervened and tried to defend her, and he was also beaten, and the girls continued to assault Maryam until she passed out and fell. The driver called the ambulance that came and took her to the hospital, where she suffered a brain haemorrhage.

All Six of Maryam’s attackers were arrested and only charged by the authorities with assault despite confessing to the incident and two of them admitted that they knew of Mary’s heart disease before she was assaulted, and forensics acknowledged that the death was natural despite having suffered a stroke as a result of the assault.

Only two of the six defendants, Maria Fraser, 20, were sentenced in June 2019 to eight months’ imprisonment and Britannia Hunter, 18, to social service.

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