May 23 Verdict is pronounced on the accusation of Mohamed El-Amin of human trafficking

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Today, Wednesday, March 23, 2022, the Cairo Criminal Court issued its decision to withhold case No. 1418 of 2022 to pronounce the verdict in the May 23 session, in which the accused businessman, Mohamed Al-Amin, is accused of human trafficking.

At the beginning of the session, the court heard the testimony of Ihsan Abu Zeid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Beni Suef, who stated that she was close to the girls who were victims of the case, and that none of them had ever complained about Muhammad al-Amin.

Then I listened to the statements of the daughters of the house inside the deliberation room after the court decided to make the session secret, and the court resumed the public session by listening to the pleading of the prosecution in which it was stated that the accused, Muhammad Al-Amin, had obtained licenses for the house and hosted the girls to satisfy his sexual desires by receiving the victims in the Beni Suef house, and moved them For his residence in the North Coast under the deceptive guise of entertainment for them.

The court also heard the defense’s argument, in which he stated that throughout his career in the media, the accused had not been suspected of any attempt to indicate that he had a “sexual perversion”, and there was no complaint against him by any woman indicating that she had been harassed by him even after his arrest.

The defense of Muhammad al-Amin also indicated that one of the girls of the victims had lost her virginity at the hands of her uncle and his client had nothing to do with this issue, in addition to that she was in a relationship with a young man who deals in narcotics.

He added that his client was married to a woman who occupies a high position, and after their divorce, this case emerged.

In February 2022, the Public Prosecutor had decided to refer businessman Muhammad al-Amin to the Criminal Court on charges of human trafficking and indecent assault of seven child girls by force and under threat.

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