“Observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights & Development Monitor the Delay in Opening of some Voting Stations”

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Statement #4

Observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development monitored the delay of 30:45 minutes in the opening some voting stations.

The committees monitored by the coalition’s observers were:

  • Station No. 82 “Ladies” Al-Mu’taz School, Nasr City, Cairo.
  • Station No. 138, Ali Bin Abi School, Benin High School Student, Al-Tabin, Helwan, Cairo.
  • Station No. 3, Al-Jumhuriya Elementary School, Cairo.
  • Station No. 14 Lycee Freedom School in Al-Adhi, Cairo.
  • Station no. 56, Zagazig center, Mohammed Abdo Ezzat elementary school in Shubuk Basta, Sharqiya.
  • Station No. 247, Martyr Mohammadi Rajab Al-Husseini School, Zagazig district of The First Circle, Eastern.
  • Station No. 191 Amina Waqed School, Bandar Hahia, Eastern.
  • Station No. 49 School of Faith in The Clubs Ashmon, Menoufia.
  • Station No. 135 in Grace, Ashmon, Menoufia.
  • Station of the Al-Azhar Institute of Kuwait, Kafr al-Sheikh.
  • Station no. 62, 63, Committee of the Kuwait Preparatory Institute Al-Azhar High School, Kafral-Sheikh.
  • Kafr Al-Zayat Elementary School, Omar Bin Al-Khattab Street.

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