Online Games Threaten Children’s Right to Life

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Online games have become widespread recently, especially among children and
adolescents. Many studies and research have shown that children and adolescents
spend long times playing online games equal to the time spent in school learning.
The phenomenon of gaming addiction has become a global phenomenon that spreads
among children and adolescents continuously, whether at home or in Internet cafes.
Recently, we have noticed that parents resort to buying online means and games for
their children, thinking that they are protecting them from the dangers and pests
spread in the society. The main aim behind this is to provide multiple forms of
entertainment, but unfortunately, the world of gaming turned into a world of
captivity, which has sounded the alarm because of the severe psychological and
physical damage it causes, which reaches death.
Egypt has recently witnessed an astonishing spread of violent electronic games that
have invaded most homes and posed a great danger to children. These games have
caused many children and adolescents to commit suicide in implementation of the
game’s orders. The willingness of children to commit suicide in Egyptian society
remains rare despite the recent rise in the number of cases, compared to young people
and adults.

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