Protocol of cooperation between the Egyptian Workers’ Union, the Tourism Union and the Information Center for Training and Awareness with the “The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue “

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Press Release


The General Union of Egyptian Trade Unions headed by Jabali Al-Maraghi, and the General Trade Union of Tourism headed by Mamdouh Mohammadi, Secretary of the International Federation of Tourism and Hotels, and the Information and Information Center of the General Union of Trade Unions headed by Abdul Wahab Khader, agreed with the Foundation of the Dialogue Forum for Development and Human Rights headed by Said Abdel Hafiz, to release a documentary film about tourism workers in the light of the Corona crisis, and to highlight the positive role played by the Egyptian state and its relevant institutions, and trade unions in protecting tourism workers and providing them with support and awareness to overcome this “pandemic” that threatens the world. I collect, and it has caused unprecedented material losses in the global tourism sector.

Mohammed Wahballah, secretary-general of the General Union of Egyptian Trade Unions, said in a press statement on Thursday, that this documentary comes as part of a protocol of cooperation with the “Dialogue Forum” for training, education, and awareness of the unions concerned, who represent millions of workers in the workplace and production, explaining that the union’s plan, which has been implemented since the beginning of the “pandemic”, depends on that trend of training and awareness, and support to the support funds of that group most affected by “Corona.”

Mamdouh Mohammadi, president of the General Union of Tourism Workers in Egypt, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Trade Unions of Tourism workers and hotels, stressed that this protocol, which begins with a documentary film that includes all opinions about the role of the state, business owners, and unions in following all ways to reduce the losses of “Corona” to workers, also comes to address local, Arab and international public opinion, to highlight Egypt’s positive image and its efforts in the face of plans of doubt and lies to distort the image of Egypt in international forums.

Said Abdel Hafiz, President of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue organization, pointed out that this cooperation with the General Union of Egyptian Trade Unions carries many connotations because of the long history of this labor organization, representing a large segment of society, namely workers “soldiers of work and production” who were and still are the wall of repelling against all demolition plans and tendentious rumors, explaining that the goal of the first and last protocol is training and awareness, and showing the facts before public opinion, conveying the voice of workers, and all the real views, and not to leave The arena for lies, chaos and confusion.

Basma Fouad, Executive Director of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue and a journalist specializing in the tourism sector, confirmed that the documentary film to be released in coordination with the Union of Workers of Egypt and the Center for Information and Information will include opinions from the state leadership, ministers, employers and workers, and comprehensive monitoring of the state of tourism in Egypt, under the Corona pandemic.

Basma Fouad pointed out that the focus in this documentary on millions of tourism workers comes within the framework of the keenness to highlight the role of the state, employers, unions, in addition to the awareness of workers in the face of this global ordeal, which many countries failed to protect their workers sufficiently, as happened in Egypt, which allocated the funds for support, and made sure not to lay off workers because the sector is one of the fastest candidates to return after the passage of the emerging CORONA virus pandemic “Covid 19”, and retain skills, Qualified to have… In addition to another goal of the documentary film, which is to instill a spirit of optimism and positive signs of a complete return to life for this sector, which has achieved

The highest revenue in its history over the past year, exceeding $13.3 billion, up from a previous high of $12.5 billion in 2010, compared to $11.6 billion in 2018.

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