The forum for development and human rights Dialogue issues report entitled”Reading in the failed protest calls September 20, 2020″

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

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In conjunction with the departure of some people in some Egyptian villages to demonstrate on Sunday, September 20, 2020, the Dialogue Forum for Development and Human Rights issued a report entitled “Reading the failed protest calls September 20, 2020.”

The report drew attention to the fact that these demonstrations came for several real reasons other than those called by the fugitive contractor Mohammed Ali,  the most important of which is the government’s decisions to remove encroachments on state A  land and agricultural land  and building violations that affected many citizens, for not obtaining building permits,  which caused  anger among some violators, with a deterioration in the living and economic conditions experienced by Egypt as one of the consequences of the crisis of the outbreak of the pandemic of Corona , the new Covid 19

The report said that citizens and security agencies responded to calls for demonstrations. Egyptian citizens did not respond to the calls of the fugitive contractor, as citizens wondered through social media about the party benefiting from these calls, and no one responded to those calls but decided to address them understanding the circumstances of the economic pandemic that afflicts all the peoples of the whole world and its repercussions and its comprehensive effects on all fields.

The report also stated that in the punishment of the launching of inflammatory calls calling for insecurity and confrontations between the people and their children in the police force, the response of the citizens was to continue to go to work and welcome the police forces that have spread throughout Egypt to secure them and citizens provided all facilities to the insurance forces and respond to the laws by examining the data And to stay away from the circles of suspicion, as   the reporting of some honest citizens who instigated the demonstration played a major   role in addressing the violence of members of the Terrorist Brotherhood group to demonstrate without permission and incite against state institutions and the property of the people, which was confirmed by the security authorities who announced that they received hundreds of reports from citizens about suspicious movements in the areas where they live.

The report also drew attention to the fact that Egyptian citizens are also credited with addressing so-called “cyberterrorism” by publishing the correct content issued by the state as well as in revealing fabrication, disseminating facts, and not giving in to calls for incitement quickly to respond to such destructive calls and negative profiling on social media.

The Egyptian police have also taken all precautionary measures, which included collecting lists of hotel guests and areas around the center of the capital as life continued almost normally.

Concerning the map of the demonstrations, the report stated

Some villages in the provinces have witnessed the exit of small numbers that do not affect the same demonstration, namely the district of Madin Nasr, the Maadi neighborhood in Cairo, the village of Al-Kadaya in Tafih in Giza governorate, MedN  Ibrahimia in Alexandria, the city of Dalingat in bahayria, the city of Malawi in Minya, the city of Qus Baqna and a village belonging to the city of Aswan.

The report also mentioned the media handling of the event

The protest footage was absent from all The Egyptian media, which addressed the positive events carried out by the Egyptian state during the past period through media reports and also clarified the lies broadcast from Turkey, describing what they broadcast as lies.

However, while local Egyptian channels did not devote time to showing the so-called demonstration, Turkey and Qatar’s channels devoted long hours of broadcasting to demonstrations, most of which were fabricated or old, as the BBC’s position explained, which confirmed that when analyzing the broadcast content, it was found to be old videos, not as they claimed to be live.

According to the report, the Egyptian press has played its active role in clarifying the truth of the calls broadcast by these channels, including:

  • Al-Dustour newspaper reported that “Al-Jazeera is trying to stir up strife and portray the existence of fake demonstrations in Egypt, in support of the call of the hired contractor Mohamed Ali, to demonstrate against the Egyptianstate”
  • ·        “The journalist Ahmed Moussa confirmed that there was a group of thugs in the Atafeh center in Giza who attacked and destroyed a police car, stressing that what happened had nothing to do with the Brotherhood’scalls,” the constitution said.
  • ·        “Egyptians have lied about the reality of false demonstrations in some areas of the Republic, coinciding with the brotherhood’s media call for demonstrations today (September 20th), and proved the fake videos, some of the images promoted by members of the “terrorist group” on social media sites, and that what appears in the pictures arethugs’ fights,” she wrote.
  • Al-Youm Al-Vii reported that al-Jazeera news channel manipulated images and videos and fabricated events, and that the Brotherhood failed for the 18th time to call for demonstrations.
  • Gas secret support for Turkey and Qatar for calls to demonstrate against The Egyptian regime
  • The conflict over gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean has intensified between shoreline countries for more than a decade, which are estimated to contain the world’s third largest gas concentration, afterthe Persian Gulf and the CaspianSea.

The report concluded by saying that since the announcement of one of the most important projects for the development of natural gas fields in Egypt, the “field of noon”, and the classification of companies working in the field of gas to him as the largest gas detection in the Mediterranean, but the largest discoveries in the world, and   the enemies of Egypt since then are thinking about how to confront it, especially since the huge discoveries of natural gas fields in Egypt, damaged Qatar’s position in the world market, especially With Middle East gas imports down 37% in 2018, Egypt has achieved new gas discoveries and Mediterranean agreements over   the past three years that will turn it into a regional energy trading center.

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