Reserving the Tik Tok girl’s case for ruling on April 18th

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The Cairo Criminal Court decided to book the trial of Haneen Hosam – the tik tok girl – to pronounce the verdict at the next session on April 18, accusing her of human trafficking. In the session held today, Tuesday, March 22, 2022 in the Fifth Settlement, in which the court heard the pleadings of the defense and the Public Prosecution.

The defendant’s lawyer stated in his pleading that “Haneen Hosam was receiving a script written by the company to say it without knowing the company’s intention, and that her bank account did not exceed 100,000 pounds within two years.”

And that she was under contract with the company that publishes the videos, and the bank transfers received in the investigation were in implementation of the terms of this contract, and Hanin wanted to promote gaming videos because she had a large following on social media pages.

It is noteworthy that the Cairo Criminal Court had punished the accused with 10 years in prison and a fine of 200,000 Egyptian pounds for her conviction of human trafficking in the case that carried No. 4917 of 2020 Coastal Felonies before the trial procedures were repeated in November 2021 after accepting the accused’s appeal against her imprisonment sentence.

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