Severe imprisonment for 8 defendants in the case of human trafficking and organ transplantation

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South Cairo Criminal Court, the Tenth Circuit, on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, sentenced eight defendants of different nationalities to three to 10 years in prison for human trafficking and human organ transplantation in two famous hospitals in Cairo.

The court issued its ruling in Case No. 707 full of South Cairo for the year 2021, punishing 5 defendants with 10 years of rigorous imprisonment, 5 with aggravated imprisonment and 3 other defendants with 3 years in rigorous imprisonment
The Forum for development and human rights Dialogue had followed the case, which dates back to December 2020, when the Egyptian security forces arrested 8 people of Jordanian, Palestinian and Egyptian nationalities for establishing an organized criminal group with the aim of human trafficking by transferring human organs with the aim of making a financial profit within the years 2019 to 2020, where He (M.M 36 years Jordanian – S.H 40 Palestinian years – S.H. 36 years Palestinian – B.A. Palestinian – M.K Palestinian – M.H 41 years old Egyptian doctor – H.S. Palestinian 37 years – M.M.A Egyptian 36 years old) by taking advantage of the victim’s financial need “F.M.A.” to persuade him to remove part of his body “kidney” in exchange for an amount of 25 thousand pounds to transplant it to another person called “S.B”.

During the investigations, it was found that the defendants had removed the “kidneys” for each of (A.S. – S.H. – A.J. – M.A. – A.A. – H.M. – M.Y – A.N. – A.M.). To transfer it and transplant it to others in return for a fee, after agreeing with one of the organ transfer brokers and the accused in the case, who was forcing the victims to sign blank trust receipts to ensure that they did not retreat from the procedure of excision, as he was getting 5,000 pounds for each victim he agreed with, as well. All of the accused participated, by agreement among themselves and by assistance with well-intentioned public officials, who are the employees of the Supreme Committee for Transplantation and Transplantation of Human Organs at the Ministry of Health, in committing a forgery in an official document, which is the digital approval 19360, to carry out a total transfer and transplant operation upon approval.
And that was making a forged incident in the form of a true fact.

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