Statement No. (2) (12 PM)  Wide participation of women in the presidential election vote

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In the early hours of the second day of the presidential elections, the observers of the “Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development” monitored a wide participation of women in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Gharbia, Beni Suef, Beheira, and Qena, as follows:

  • Cairo Governorate:
  • Committee No. (10): Martyr Ahmed Abdel Wahab School, in front of Al-Fath Mosque in Maadi.
  • Committee No. (14): Al-Laithia Al-Hurriya School in Sakanat Al-Maadi.
  • Committee No. (13): Canal Joint School on Canal Street, behind the Maadi Police Station.
  • Committees No. (30) & (31): Asmaa Bint Abu Bakr Primary Model School. (Address: Ezbet El-Walda, Helwan).
  • Martyr School Ahmed Mahmoud Hamed (Address: Zulfiqar Street next to Alban Makki, Helwan).
  • Jawhar Al-Sicilian School Committee, (Address: Al-Darb Al-Ahmar Police Station, 16 Al-Manjla Street – Darb Saada in front of the United Company).
  • Committee No. (3): Benba Qaden Preparatory School for Boys (Address: Khalifa Police Station, 28 El-Saliba St.)
  • Committee No. (2): Al-Hussein Preparatory School for Girls, (Address: Al-Mansouria Street next to Jamalia Youth Center).
  • Committee No. (35): Martyr Ahmed Badawy Preparatory Joint School (Address: Jewish Cemeteries, Basateen)
  • Giza Governorate:
  • Committee No. (26): Sadat Official School (Address: Mahmoud Amer Street, Madkour Station, Omrania Police Station)
  • Intellectual Education School in Haram.
  • Beni Suef Governorate:
  • Committee No. (27): Beba Island Primary Joint School.
  • Committee No. (2): Wasef Ghaly Preparatory School in Beba Center.
  • Alexandria Governorate:
  • Committee No. (17): Mousa Ibn Nusair School, School Complex, behind the family tower.
  • Beheira Governorate:
  • Committee No. (6): Sayeda Zeinab School on Republic Street near the General Hospital in Damanhour.
  • Qena Governorate:
  • Committee No. (2): Qus Preparatory School for Boys in Qus Center on Tahrir Street.
  • Al Marashda Secondary School Committee, Al Marashda.
  • Committee No. (10): Al-Moasasa School in Hijaza City Qus Center.
  • Minya Governorate:
  • Adeeb Wahba School Committee, in Abu Qurqas village.
  • Gharbia Governorate:
  • Committee No. (2): Martyr Major Khaled Mohamed El-Sayed Dabour Secondary Decorative Military School for Boys (Address: Moheb Street, Mahalla al-Kubra)
  • Committee No. (2): Siam Primary School (Address: Siam Street from 23 July Public Street, Mahalla al-Kubra)
  • Committee No. (4): Safia Zaghloul Primary School (Address: Noman Al-Asar Street, Mahalla Al-Kubra)
  • Committee No. (7): the National Awareness School in Al-Galaa Street, Mahalla Al-Kubra.
  • Committee No. (13): Abdullah bin Al-Zubair Primary Joint School (Address: 55 Al-Katkola from Al-Galaa, Tanta)
  • Committee No. (35): um Al-Mo’minin Secondary School for Girls (Address: Kafr Saqr Street, Club Rotation, First Police station of Tanta)
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