Statement No. (3) (4 PM)   A remarkable turnout of young people to vote in some committees in (Alexandria – Beni Suef – Qena – Luxor)

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The Observers of the “Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development” monitored the middle of the second day of the presidential elections, a remarkable turnout of young people to vote in some committees of Alexandria, Beni Suef, Qena, and Luxor, as the following:

  • Alexandria Governorate:
  • Committee No. (1): Manshia Primary School, (Address: Al-Marsad Square, behind the Manshia Police Station)
  • Committee No. (3): Al-Marwa Primary School in Al-Tawfiqia Karmouz Street.
  • Committee No. (6): Safia Zaghloul Preparatory School (Address: Sultan Hussein Street, Al-Attarin Police Station)
  • Committee No. (35): El Hadra Primary School (Address: Ibn Tomart St. Moharram Bek.)
  • Beni Suef Governorate:
  • Committee No. (6): Qmeish Secondary Joint School in Qamish Beba Center.
  • Committee No. (19): Primary School West of Nazlat Al-Barqi, Al-Fashn.
  • Committee No. (49): Nile Official Language School (Address: Ahmed Orabi Street – Bandar Al-Wasty)
  • Committee No. (66): Al-Ittihad Primary School in Bandar Beba, Beba Center.
  • Qena Governorate:
  • Committee No. (1): Nile Primary Mixed School (Address: Bandar Qus Republic Street, Qus, Qena)
  • Committee No. (17): Naqada Center at Dunfiq Preparatory Joint School.
  • Committee No. (20): Al-Ashraf Al-Sharqiya Preparatory School in the village of Al-Ashraf Al-Sharqiya.
  • Dandara Island Institute School Committee Al-Azhari Preparatory – Primary (Address: Dandara Street, Dandara Island in Qena)
  • Luxor Governorate:
  • Committee No. (2): Bayadeya Primary Joint School in Bayadeya, Luxor Center.
  • Committee No. (8): Al-Asha Secondary Joint School in Al-Asha Village, Taiba Center.
  • Committee No. (12): El-Hamidat Preparatory Mixed School in Luxor.
  • Committee No. (16): Al-Tod Preparatory Joint School in Al-Tud, Luxor Center.
  • Committee No. (23): El-Dabaiya Preparatory School for Girls in Al Masaeed, Qurna Center, Luxor Governorate.
  • Committee No. (46): Martyr Salah Al-Din Nubi Abu Al-Wafa Primary School in Al-Mualla Village, Esna Center.
  • Committee No. (51): the Martyr Abdel Hadi Abdel Aal Preparatory School in the village of Al-Deir – Esna Center.
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