The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development denounces Israeli occupation forces demolition of a chapel south of Bethlehem in the West Bank

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Press Release


The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development (ECHRD) expresses its condemnation of the storming of a force of the occupation army into the Umm Said area, located between the town of Beit Fajjar and the village of Marah Mualla, on Sunday 5/3/2023, and its demolition of a chapel erected on the land of a citizen, using a bulldozer, under the pretext of not having a license in flagrant violation of freedom of belief and practice of religious rites.
The occupation forces also demolished a shack for selling awnings in the village of Beit Tamar, east of Bethlehem, belonging to a citizen. A young man was wounded with a rubber-coated metal bullet in the abdomen. His injury was described as minor, and two others suffocated, during clashes with the Israeli occupation forces, in the town of Tuqu’, southeast of Bethlehem.
The ECHRD denounces these continuous assaults and attacks on Palestinian citizens and sanctities, which lead to fueling conflict and depriving Palestinians of the right to live in safety in their homeland, the right to live a decent life and the right to practice religious rites.
It also calls on the Israeli occupation forces to stop these provocative operations and this sinful aggression against the Palestinian citizens and Islamic sanctities from time to time, and let them live in peace.

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