The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development holds its second seminar in Aswan Governorate to raise awareness of the goals of (sustainable development and Egypt’s vision 2030).
This was done within the framework of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development initiative, which aims to work with associations and NGOs in 9 governorates nationwide.

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On Sunday, March 12, 2023, a second awareness seminar was held in Aswan Governorate, on “Sustainable Development and Egypt’s Vision 2030” in cooperation with the Maabad Foundation for Development in Aswan. It was attended by 40 participants representing institutions and NGOs in Aswan Governorate.
The meeting was opened by Ms. Zainab Abdeen, Executive Director of the Maabad Foundation for Development in Aswan, who spoke about cooperation with the Egyptian Coalition and the participating associations.
The coordinator of the ECHRD, Abeer Mohamed explained the objectives of the initiative, which is represented in cooperation between NGOs to form a network of associations in the targeted governorates to build the capacities of associations in various fields.
Then Dr. Hamdiya Bashir – consultant and human development expert – spoke about the three dimensions of the sustainable development plan (Egypt’s Vision 2030), which were represented in the economic dimension, the social dimension, and the environmental dimension.
She pointed out that “Egypt’s Vision 2030” is based on improving the quality of life of the Egyptian citizen and improving his standard of living in various aspects of life, by emphasizing the consolidation of the principles of justice, integration and the participation of all citizens in political and social life, in addition to achieving high economic growth and promoting investment in people and building their creative capabilities by urging an increase in knowledge, innovation and scientific research in all fields.
She also touched on the importance of working on environmental sustainability as one of the goals of “Egypt’s Vision 2030” by building an integrated and sustainable environmental system that seeks to preserve development and the environment together through the rational use of resources. This is achieved by facing the effects of climate change, confronting risks and natural disasters, increasing reliance on renewable energy, and adopting sustainable consumption and production patterns.
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