A Panel Discussion on The Right to Education…Health… Social Security as included in the National Human Rights Strategy under the supervision of Eshraqat Amal Association for Local Community Development of the in the Beheira headed by Dr. Amal Zakaria Qutb, a member of the House of Representatives, and the Egyptian Coalition for Development and Human Rights, headed by Saeed Abdel Hafez, a member of the National Council for Human Rights.

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Press Release


And in the presence of Ashraf Diab coordinator of the Coalition
Prof. Dr Hany Gmiaa, Undersecretary of Health Ministry in Beheira
Mr Mohmed Al-Gharawi, Director of Executive Affairs at the Directorate of Education in Beheira
They extended their greetings and appreciation to the attendance of the civil work leaders in Beheira governorate and gave each association the opportunity to kindly explain a brief overview of the most important activities and events that each association is distinguished for.
Dr. Amal Zakaria indicated that the meeting came within the framework of strengthening and activating the directives of the political leadership by increasing the role of civil society in social, economic and cultural initiatives to create movement among members of Egyptian society and support government and civil agencies to address and confront any phenomena and challenges in favor of the cohesion of community institutions to spread the culture of economic and social human rights in light of the implementation of National Strategy For Human Rights
This meeting is the second of a series of meetings implemented by the Eshraqat Amal Association in cooperation with the ECHRD. Dr. Hany Gmiaa dealt with the right to health and a decent life for every citizen. Every citizen has the right to preserve his rights. He dealt with the most important efforts of the Ministry of Health represented by the Health Directorate in Beheira in many important, useful and purposeful initiatives. It is considered one of the best governorates to be emulated within the governorates of Egypt. He referred to the initiative of detection and safe intervention in case a patient suffered a stroke or bleeding, and the efforts exerted to contribute to reducing negative phenomena such as population increase and early marriage. The meeting dealt with several recommendations in the health field.
Dr. Muhammad Al-Gharawi added that the right to education is a duty stipulated in the Egyptian constitution, the father of laws, and that initiatives that aim to motivate students to encourage belonging and loyalty to the homeland and the productive citizen who always supports himself must be strengthened.
Dr. Amal Zakaria Qutb indicated that the local community in Beheira is a strong supporter with its extensive experience and a basic pillar for the Egyptian state institutions and its political leadership.
Participate in the meeting:
(Egyptian Association for the Protection of Children in Beheira – Dasons or Dinar – Kunooz Charitable Association – Ana Human Association – Nahl Al-Khair Association for Community Development – Al-Saada Association for Community Development in Bastra – – Banati Association for Community Development – – Women and Development Association in Hosh Issa – Abu-Ghazaleh Association for Community Development _ Al-Ittihad Yesterday, Rahma _ Israa _ Sun of the Future _ Al-Rawda _ Pulse of Egypt _ Misr Al-Nour _ for Development and Investment _ Lovers of the Mostafa _ Egypt Tomorrow _ Dreamers of Tomorrow _ Anwar Al-Rahman _ Pioneers of the Good River _ Oasis _ Dasons _ Al-Abadia _ Heaven’s Call for Community Development _ Future Generation _ Health Improvement Association _ Mrs. Aisha Charitable

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