The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development repels its report “Save …………… Women of Sudan.”

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Today, Tuesday, 20/2/2024, the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development issues its report “Save …….. Women of Sudan”, which deals with the special situation of women and girls in Sudan, and their suffering due to the war, which exacerbated this suffering and forced millions of Sudanese to flee for fear of threats by members of the Rapid Support Forces. These forces face accusations of using women’s bodies as “battlefields”, where sexual violence – especially rape – is used as a method of war
The war crimes committed by the Rapid Support Forces, especially against Sudanese women, reveal that we are facing forces that do not know any humanitarian principles in dealing with civilians, especially women.
The report addresses the following sections:
• Overview of the Rapid Support Forces
• History of disputes between the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese Army
• Violations of the Rapid Support Forces
• Crimes committed by the Rapid Support Forces against women
• Rape cases
• Cases of kidnapping
• Protection of women during armed conflict
The report points out that the Rapid Support Forces have committed the most heinous crimes in several neighborhoods in Khartoum, where they use murder and rape as a refuge in order to intimidate citizens and force them to leave their homes. Moreover, the RSF’s occupation of homes and hospitals and the ongoing looting cannot be treated as individual abuses, but rather as systematic errors and deliberate abuse.
The report also shows cases of mass sexual assault and abductions in peripheral neighborhoods in the capital, Khartoum, in addition to women and girls being at risk of sexual assault during their search for food and services.
Violations of conflict-related sexual violence and endangering civilian lives amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity that may end any future for the legitimacy of the RSF and the ambition of its commander.
Under no pretext, these violations can be considered as individual actions of forces claiming to be fighting for the transition to democracy, either systematically designed to impose a new reality and demographic change or by mercenaries and war merchants.
The report also presents cases of women and girls who were raped and abducted, and what was reported about the existence of a slave market for women.
Sudan is currently witnessing killing, mass destruction, and the displacement of citizens from their lands. In addition, what women and girls are subjected to rape and abduction confirms that these crimes are committed by RSF that can be said to be mercenaries who commit the most horrific crimes that are war crimes for which they must be held accountable
At the end of the report, the following recommendations are presented:
• Investigate and prosecute those responsible for sexual violence and those responsible for kidnappings;
• Call on the warring parties to de-escalate and abide by an immediate and sustainable ceasefire to end the war and avoid the loss of innocent civilian lives of the Sudanese people and the destruction of property, besides providing special protection for women.
• The need to preserve the institutions of the Sudanese State, prevent their collapse, and help them as much as possible to continue to perform their tasks normally, and overcome the difficulties they face
• Strengthening the urgent humanitarian response to the situation in Sudan and intensifying Arab, regional, and international efforts to prevent the deterioration of deteriorating food security in the Sudan
• Make all efforts that would resolve the crisis in order to spare the blood of the Sudanese and save the future of Sudan
• All parties respect their responsibilities under international humanitarian law – including allowing civilians safe passage on the move in search of safety.
• The need to establish safe humanitarian corridors that facilitate the safe delivery of humanitarian aid to affected civilians, ensuring that essential aid reaches those in need

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