The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) issues its report COP27: a Link between the Implementation of International Commitments and the Path to Egypt’s Success

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The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) issues its report COP27, the link between the implementation of international commitments and the path to Egypt’s success, which deals with several points related to climate change and the 27th Climate Summit, represented in the following:

  1. What are climate changes?
  2. The repercussions of climate change on Egypt.
  3. Egyptian efforts in dealing with climate change.
  4. The Climate Summit and Egyptian benefits.

The report indicated that the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference “Climate Summit / COP 27”, was held in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, during the period between 6-19 November 2022, in the presence of 197 countries. It came at an important global and local time to discuss what sustainable policies and strategies the countries of the world should adopt to confront the damage caused by climate change, and ways to address them, urgently.

Egypt also acted on behalf of the African continent in interacting with climate issues. It reflected the extent of the suffering of African developing countries from environmental changes, and its demands regarding providing the necessary support in order to adapt to these changes.

Egypt’s hosting of that global summit, after a year full of preparations for the sessions of the summit, comes as a culmination of the Egyptian efforts in the climate file. Egypt is among the first 29 countries to develop a general climate strategy titled the “National Strategy for Climate Change 2050”, as well as preparing a vision for the transformation of the Egyptian economy towards sustainable development in Egypt’s Vision 2030. This is evident in Egypt’s expansion in many projects that serve climate goals.

The 27th International Climate Summit also came as a culmination of Egyptian efforts to deal with the issue of climate change. It was held in Sharm El-Sheikh, during the period from 5 to 19 November, and was held under the slogan “Together for Implementation”. Therefore, Egypt achieved many benefits at various levels, the economic, political and environmental levels.

At the organizational level, the selection of Egypt by the United Nations highlights what is called the Global Peace Index, which places Egypt in an advanced level, qualifying it to welcome this international conference and the accompanying delegations, in a way worthy of the UN aspiration for the idea of achieving international peace and security.

On the political level, Egypt strengthened its foothold on the map of regional and international relations, by hosting the climate summit. Hosting the summit helped Egypt strengthen the new pillars of its foreign policy.

At the economic level, it attracted new foreign investments, especially in the fields of environmental protection and the green economy. Moreover, it promoted tourism to Egypt, as well as presenting Egypt’s efforts in economic reform, Egypt’s strategy for sustainable development 2030, and national projects spread throughout Egypt, especially the new administrative capital, promoting Egyptian products.

For his part, Saeed Abdel Hafez, Chairman of the FDHRD, confirmed that the climate conference demonstrated the extent of internal stability in Egypt, which was proven by the dense global presence. It achieved a higher participation rate than the rest of the conferences, in light of the presence of about 51 thousand participants over 14 days in the Sharm El-Sheikh conference.

As Hagar Adel, a researcher at the FDHRD, pointed out that Egypt was able to employ and take advantage of the climate summit, in order to maximize its political and economic interests. It attracted more foreign investments, especially in the field of clean energy, which helps transform the Egyptian economy into a green economy.


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