The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issues a study entitled “France between Islamism Fundamentalism and Qatari-Turkish Interests”

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Monday, 2nd November 2020


Press release

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issues a study entitled “France between Islamism Fundamentalism and Qatari-Turkish Interests”

In conjunction with what is called “offending cartoons” and the outbreak of a systematic war against France by supporters of Islamic movement, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Council issues today a study entitled “France between Islamism Fundamentalism and Qatari-Turkish Interests”. The study reveals that during the various incidents witnessed by France recently, social media websites, many satellite channels and other websites belong to Muslim Brotherhood Group, Turkey and Qatar have launched a systematic campaign to boycott French products to object the offending cartoons and Macron’s declarations in which he assured taking further measures against what is called “political Islamism or Islamism Fundamentalism” trends which have sought to create parallel entities inside France and that radical Islam has a systematic plan aims at circumventing the laws of the republic and to creating a parallel law with other values.

The study sheds light on that the measures taken by the French government in such regard aim at besieging the extremist members and not to inciting against Muslims or Islam as a religion. Yet these measures aim at obstructing figures, members and institutions which seek to change the internal political, economic or social conditions covered by the Islamic identity and religion.

The study discusses different reasons which uncover the fact of the aggressive attack against France and its political orientations during the current stage and recruiting Muslims against its movements which besiege groups and organizations of radical Islam in addition to falsifying the declarations of Macron to include all Muslims and fundamentalist trends and movements penetrating inside France which target change of intellectual and cultural identity of western social categories.

  • Besieging Muslim Brotherhood Authority: the study reveals that the Qatari-Turkish Brotherhood lobbying, through the boycott campaign with its religious cover, aims at press on Macron to stop the measures taken French authorities in regard to besieging Qatari funds and dry the sources of extremism and terrorism done by Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters all over tens of years by expanding the establishment of Islamic institutions and centers working in relief field by making use of material and human circumstances of Arab and Muslim migrants. The study also said that if the Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatari-Turkish lobbying are lobbying and mobilizing Muslims to boycott France because of its violations against Sunni Islam, they are the first who violate Islam and offend Islamic Sharia that they exploit to achieve their personal interests besides their support to terroristic organizations and member such as Al Nusra Front, ISIS and Al Qada whether inside Syria, Iraq, Libya or Egypt with the aim of spreading chaos, overthrowing regimes and controlling their capabilities. In addition, the study drew the attention to that the documents disclosed the most important intellectual project for Muslim Brotherhood in the west entitled “Al Ghaith/Rain” which is implemented through social work to disseminate the ideological approach and method of Hassan Al Bana and Sayed Qotib in addition to the project of “Succession State” which the Brotherhood organization is seeking to establish by penetrating Arab and western states.


  • The Egyptian-French Alliance: the study points out that France is one of the supporting European countries to Egypt and its policies towards the conditions inside Libya in regard to supporting Marshal Khalifa Haftir and Libyan National Army in facing armed militias and mercenaries affiliated to forces of Al Wafaq Libyan government supported by Muslim Brotherhood Group, Turkey and Qatar. According to the study, within these incidents the relationship between France and Turkey has been strained after the president Macron has launched a severe attack against Turkey due to its role in Libya accusing the member state in NATO of practicing “dangerous play” which cannot be tolerated and violating all commitments of Berlin Conference. Also Macron added by objecting Turkish practices and its military alliance in Libya describing Erdogan’s mind as suffering from having a stroke.
  • The Middle East Crisis: the study reveals that the crisis of gas of the Middle East is one of the reasons behind the severe attack against France which is highly supporting Egypt, Cyprus and Greece regarding demarcation of marine borders between them in addition to French military deployment in the Middle East to stand against Turkish movements and practices after the clear withdrawal of European Union role and its strong eagerness to join the Forum of Middle East Gas headed by Egypt to support emerging energy alliances in the region. The study also mentioned that Paris is diplomatically facing the Turkish military battleship as Turkey has before prevented drilling ships of the Italian Company ENI from continuing its work near Cyprian coasts.
  • The African Conflict: the study also points out that among the reasons behind the systematic campaigns of boycotting the French products and inciting against its political and economic interests and institutions is its conflict with the Qatari-Turkish interests over the domination and controlling the conditions inside Africa especially state of Sahara Africa and coastal states in addition to threatening French interests by dominating Libya which is the historical, political and economic gate of France to Africa. The French threat was clear by sending Rafel to the Eastern Mediterranean and a military intervention to destroy Erdogan in the Eastern Mediterranean. Yet Macron frankly said “Erdogan has two options whether an agreement and understanding and back to his country or destroy him militarily in the Eastern Mediterranean”. The study reveals that both Qatar and Turkey recruit “Saddat” Turkish Security Company which recruits mercenaries and terrorists in the west and east of Africa. Although this company was established in 2012, it works in 20 countries till now among which 7 Arab countries, 10 countries in Africa and 2 countries in Middle Asia in addition to Turkish exploitation of the established military bases inside Africa in training the armed militias who attack French interests in Africa and recently concluding military agreements with Niger to enhance its existence in Sahara and coast regions; the matter which threatens the French existence and guarantees the Turkish existence along with its strategic Qatari partner depending on the strategy of investing in crises. Also Qatar invests the defensive military alliance with Turkey to penetrate Africa by weapons trade and intensifying human interventions and investments. In this way, Doha and Turkey affect and destroy the stability of many countries in Sahara and coast regions by funding and arming terroristic groups for this purpose and controlling their resources.
  • Rescuing Erdogan from the Hell of Boycott: the study illustrates that within the rise of public campaigns to boycott Turkish goods and products in many Arab countries, the Qatari-Turkish lobbying hurried to stop these campaigns and obstructing their results which were about to lead to complete collapse of Turkish economy and saving Erdogan from public and political falling during this critical stage witnessed by Turkey under the pretensions of the New Ottoman Empire or Greater Turkey which takes the project of state of succession as a political and religious approach. Consequently, in accordance with the study, the Qatari-Turkish lobbying campaign against France and boycotting French products comes to cover the Arab campaign which achieves great success and was greatly marketed to boycott Turkey on economic and political level and to save Erdogan from decline, collapse and losses witnessed by Development and Justice Party currently on political, public and military level.

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