The Most Important Acquisitions and Achievements of Egyptian Women since 2011

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Recently Egypt has witnessed a noticeable positive progress in the field of women empowerment and support in addition to gender equality. This is because of the supportive political will to women issues, translating their constitutional rights into laws, strategies and executive programs implemented by governmental and non-governmental bodies and creating suitable atmosphere for unifying efforts of all society’s categories (academic, legislative, religious, institutions, youth, men…etc.) in rural and urban areas besides many supporters who enable women and girls on all levels and fields.

This is evident in Women Empowerment Strategy 2030 prepared by the National Council for Women. The president Abd El Fattah El Sisi has entrusted the government, all state bodies and the parliament with considering this strategy as ‘work document’ for coming years to activate plans, programs and projects included in this strategy. The strategy includes four work axes and aims at increasing female ratio in public positions to 17% in 2030 and preventing discrimination against women in regard to occupying leadership positions in executive and judicial institutions and preparing women to succeed in these positions. It also targets enabling women economically and developing women skills and capacities to increase and widen work options and opportunities in front of them, enabling them socially, preventing practices which encourage discrimination against women or those which causes harm for them whether in public field or inside family and eliminating negative phenomena such as sexual violence which threaten women’s lives, safety and dignity.

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