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The Socio-economic Impact of Covid- 19 in United Kingdom, France, and Spain

After more than a year of the outbreak of Covid-19, the health crisis remains an obstacle for countries’ economies. Given the uncertainties that persist in the development of the disease, lockdowns and restrictions lifting measures remain top priorities in nation states’ agendas and policies on a global level. The pandemic is having a profound impact on health, economy, as it is on society, leaving the health crisis to be the main determinant behind economic activity. The economic repercussions caused by the pandemic were worse than the recession of the great depression of the 1930’s. Key sectors of the economy are at risk, unemployment rates have escalated, poverty rates have increased and the social security system can’t provide the support needed too many people. However, governments on a global level implemented and created new policies to counter and mitigate the effects of the pandemic. The virus is present in all parts of the world; however, the focus is now shifted from Africa to Europe and America due to the higher number of recorded cases as well as the sharp decline in economy. United Kingdom, France, and Spain are on the top list of the hardest hit countries in Europe.

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