A Case Study on Crimes in the Sharqiya and Dakahlia Governorates

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A secure and stable society is a public demand, as safety is the source of the
building and development of societies, and human being, since his birth, has
normal and good instinct, and doesn’t know anything about crime or harm,
but the environment in which he grows up, may affect him, as this
environment in which good and bad behaviors are instilled, leads him to
deviate from the straight path that God Almighty created for him, so, everyone
resorts to commit unacceptable actions is an abnormal person, and acts many
societal problems and corruptions.
The list of reasons for the prevalence of crimes is almost long, while the
consequences differ. However, they combine in the losses that include both
the economic and humanitarian aspects, but at the same time this doesn’t
prevent the existence of a set of causes that are repeated, which are a key
factor in fabricating crimes in society.

A case study on crimes in the Sharqiya and Dakahlia governorates


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