(Al Houthi Crimes in Yemen 2020) A report by the Egyptian Alliance for Development and Human Rights

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Sunday, 24th January 2021

“Al Houthi Crimes in Yemen 2020”

A report by the Egyptian Alliance for Development and Human Rights


On Sunday 24th January 2021, the unit of researches and studies at the Egyptian Alliance for Development and Human Rights issued a report entitled “Al Houthi Crimes in Yemen 2020”.

The report highlights how Al Houthi militias threaten human rights in Yemen and neighboring countries because of their usage of violence and terrorism in contradiction with international rules and charters of human rights.

The report draws attention that the recent American resolution in regard to considering Al Houthi group as a terroristic group is a ‘late’ resolution towards criminalizing the actions and practices of such organization which resulted in hundreds of victims in Yemen. In addition, this organization’s missile attacks against Saudi Arabia have resulted in many materials losses and threatening the Arab Gulf Region with violence practices and piracy against crossing ships; the matter which affected the process of trade and economy which are based on marine navigation. The report assures that this is considered a violation against Rome Convention signed on 10/3/1999 regarding suppression of illegal actions against the safety of marine navigation and ships.

In addition, the report emphasizes that blasting Aden Airport, in the south of Yemen, by Al Houthi militias, which was resulted in 135 victims and injured from civilians, journalists and employees of the International Red Cross and which was faced with many international condemnations, is a severe violation practiced by this group against Montreal Convention concluded on 23/9/1971 about illegal actions suppression against the safety of civil aviation and airlines and Montreal Protocol on 24/2/1988 in regard to suppression of illegal actions in airports using civil aircrafts.        

The report discusses a number of axes the important of which are as follows:

Who are the Houthi?

The report mentions that Al Houthi group “is Shiite religious group which is based on the mandate of Al Imam and follows the Twelfth method similar to Iranian model”.

Also the report points out that a governmental Iranian study published in the magazine of “Foreign Policy Studies of Tehran” reveals that ‘Tehran plays an important role in supporting Yemeni people politically’ by hosting Al Houthi delegations officially as these delegations have held meetings with senior officials even with the supreme leader and opening an office for Al Houthi in Tehran in conjunction with sending an Iranian ambassador to Yemen. The report reveals that Al Houthi owns a huge arsenal of weapons and supplies due to their relationship with Iran which is considered the main supplier of weapons for Al Houhti in addition to taking over many weapons from the Yemeni army.

The crime of recruiting children

The report shows that Al Houthi recruits children and teenagers and involve them into the fires of battles as the number of children increased in the rows of Al Houthi, according to the Statistics of the Yemeni Government which points out that there are 23.000 children recruited by Al Houthi militias among them 2500 children since the beginning of 2018. The most of those children are from Sana’a, Thamar, Omran, Mahwit and Hoja cities and were distributed to the fired fronts to directly participate in fighting in a way which contradicts with the international conventions and laws of protecting child’s rights.  

Refusing Pacification and failing peace agreements

The report reveals that Al Houthi follows a political approach which rejects any solutions for the Yemeni crisis and that they were the main and direct reason behind the failure of  Geneva Peace Talks in September 2018 as Al Houthi delegation was absent claiming that they did not get any guarantees for their return to Sana’a.  Besides, the report points out that they practiced all types of terroristic crimes: killing, kidnapping, torturing and displacing thousands of Yemenis. According to official Yemeni statistics, Al Houthi militias have exploded 898 houses, private properties and public facilities, among which 753 residential houses, 45 mosques and Quran houses and 36 schools and educational facilities in addition to converting 160 mosques to military barracks and rests for their members. Also on international level, they continued their criminal and terroristic actions which threatened the security and stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the whole region, and yet also for the international security by threatening the navigation movement in the south of the Red Sea and Aden Gulf in addition to threatening the World Oil Trade and the Saudi Oil facilities. 

Terroristic crimes committed by Al Houthi militias in Yemen in 2020

The report issued by the Egyptian Alliance for Development and Human Rights reveals that Al Houthi violations against Yemeni people have increased during 2020, the documented of which reached more than 2914 violations among of which killing 64 children by Al Houthi huntsmen, in addition to about 267 victims of mines and bombs and 718 arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance while expanding in targeting civil facilities whether public or private facilities significantly, as it was monitored that Al Houthi militias have damaged 708 buildings and facilities among of which a total destruction of about 18 schools.

Moreover, the report illustrates that by the end of 2020, Al Houthi militias targeted many civil facilities only in Taa’z city during December which reached to about 55 violations varied from public and private properties, the most prominent of which were shelling the teachers’ institute, Al Safwa Public Hospital and Al Ahly Club. In addition, they committed 52 violations against private properties which resulted in total destruction of about 8 houses due to shelling by medium and heavy weapons and exploding 14 houses by planting explosives directly.  

It is worth mentioning that the report has monitored 40 cases of terroristic crimes committed by Al Houhti militias against civilians and facilities in Yemen during 2020 as the ratio of injured has reached 69% while the ratio of the dead reached 31%. According to the report, the ratio of children victim reached 24% while the ratio of women victims reached 15%. Regarding the targets of Al Houthi militias, residential districts and houses come on the top followed by public facilities then individuals, after that marine navigation, commercial ships and at the bottom come the private facilities.

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