Assault on an Egyptian citizen in Kuwait

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In a quarrel, a Kuwaiti citizen brutally assaulted an Egyptian citizen named Waheed Mahmoud inside a motorcycle repair shop in the “Shuwaikh area” on December 5, 2017. The Kuwaiti entered him in anger and told him that he had been waiting for a quarter of an hour outside and no one came out. Waheed replied that “the workshop does not provide a bicycle unloading service, and there is a rest period for workers at the time.”
The Egyptian guy added in his statements that he was surprised by the perpetrator trying to provoke him by placing his hand on his mouth and then uttering it before hitting him with a strong punch on his face. Then he was subjected to violent blows and punches on his face and body, until he found himself in the hospital.
The Public Prosecution charged the Kuwaiti defendant with 5 counts of attempted murder and insult in a public place, deliberately damaging the store, misusing the phone, and insulting and slandering in violation of the cybercrime law on the background of his filming.
In December 2019, the Kuwaiti Court of Appeal issued a 4-year prison sentence against the Kuwaiti in the case of assaulting the Egyptian guy.
The second circuit of the Kuwaiti Court of Appeal headed by Counselor Nasr Salem Al Haid, in the case of assaulting the Egyptian “Wahid” and convicted by the Criminal Court of a citizen attempting to kill Wahid in Shuwaikh Industrial. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison, and the sentence was amended to 4 years imprisonment with hard labor. The court upheld the acquittal of “Wahid” of insulting and beating the Kuwaiti citizen

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