The Challenges of the Popular Mobilization during COVID-19 Voting of Egyptians Living

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In light of regional situations and unprecedented international challenges with the spread of a major pandemic, Egypt is preparing in the coming days for a new test of popular wills and biases in the process of forming parliaments expressing its convictions by voting on the formation of the 2020 Senate. This is the first popular test of amendments to the provisions of the 2014 Constitution which included the addition of the seventh chapter including seven articles restoring the presence of a second chamber for Egyptian legislation under the name of the Senate. Voters living abroad will visit the headquarters of Egyptian diplomatic missions to cast their votes and choose their representatives for the council on Sunday and Monday (August 9-10) 2020 before the Egyptian vote begins on Tuesday and Wednesday (August 11,12) 2020.

Despite the many challenges facing the 2020 Senate electoral process, which ranged from the acceleration of the proceedings in a way that the political or community forces were not qualified for as well as the absence of active and influential public staff in the local environment in a broad sense commensurate with the nature and composition of emerging constituencies in addition to the propaganda campaigns launched by some political groups associated with non-national plans and capabilities to undermine the value of the Council and to eliminate its virtual roles in the service of public life.

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