Cyberterrorism: The Silent Danger

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Cyberterrorism is considered one of the most heinous and dangerous crimes committed via the Internet and threatens the world with its automated era. It exploits the cyberspace by creating terrorist accounts on social networking sites to spread extremism and terrorist ideology in the world and communicate with its members on how to penetrate and destroy sites, spread viruses and spy on countries, revealing their secrets. They blackmail them to achieve terrorist purposes, obtaining financing for their terrorist activities, and destroying the infrastructure of countries. This contemporary terrorism is considered the electronic version of traditional terrorism.
The report indicated that terrorists have become very sophisticated in their exploitation of communication technologies to communicate with each other without revealing their identities when planning terrorist acts.
Terrorists may use a simple email account to create messages in a “virtual mailbox or inbox”. This means that messages are written without sending them, leaving only minimal digital traces behind. It can be viewed on any Internet-connected device around the world by multiple individuals who know the password to that account.

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The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development (ECHRD) has published its report
“Cyberterrorism: The Silent Danger”,

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