Disinheritance… Social Violation against Women’s Rights

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Disinheritance… Social Violation against Women’s Rights

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issues its report about the phenomenon of women disinheritance as one of human rights violations against Egyptian women especially in Upper Egypt. This is one of severe forms of discrimination and injustice against women; the matter which contradicts with all religions, laws and all international charters, treaties and conventions. Introduction Women are half of society and inseparable part of it (if she is not the main entity of society) in addition to their great and important role in society. So all religions are just and dignify and they have been the main concern of most human rights conventions and charters all over the world striving to support them to obtain their rights which they have been deprived of. One of the most prominent and important inherited problems in our eastern societies especially in Upper Egypt is disinheriting women. It is an issue which is not related to nor need enacting legislations and laws as it is related to inherited norms and traditions not relating to any religion or law. By law no. 2019 of 2017 through amending some provisions of law no. 77 of 1943 in regard to inheritances which were published in the Official Gazette on 30th December 2017, the state tried to stop this serious phenomenon and criminalize intentional disinheritance against any heirs or preventing to deliver the heirs their inheritance upon their request. Yet the inherited traditions and social culture stand as an obstacle in front of applying law in Egyptian society; the matter which requires an intensive activity targeting the cultural and social sides to siege and eliminate this phenomenon.

The Problem’s Definition & Origins Disinheriting women is a serious and dangerous phenomenon in Arab and eastern societies because of inherited culture which underestimate women and deprived her from their right to inheritance, yet at that time women were considered as part of the inheritance itself. Although right to inheritance is stated by Allah in Quran (as Allah mentions it and does leave it to prophet) and explains its division among heirs taking into consideration rights and duties of each member in society to prevent quarrels and conflicts, yet people in Upper Egypt have another opinion. Some studies reveal that about 95% of women in Sohag and Qina are disinherited according to norms and traditions there for fear of that her husband and sons may take over the inheritance. So in return the inheritance will go to strange members. In addition,

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