FDHRD Welcomes Issuing Insurance Policies for Egyptians Abroad.

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Today, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) welcomed the decision of the Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs to issue the first insurance policy for Egyptians abroad, which is the insurance document that will start working at the beginning of next January 2022 for each Egyptian passport, and aims to secure travel abroad and provide insurance coverage for the people of the country against any dangers they are exposed to while traveling abroad.
According to what was announced by the Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, the decision aims to apply it to 23 million Egyptians abroad, at a rate of 3.5 million policies annually, as 22 insurance companies participate in the policy issuing. It is carried out in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, the Financial Supervisory Authority, and the Egyptian Insurance Federation, with the participation of the Egyptian Association for Travel Insurance abroad, and it includes insurance companies that are scheduled to issue the optional insurance policy to Egyptians working and residing abroad, to extend the insurance umbrella for them, in line with the state’s strategy to achieve inclusion.
Saeed Abdelhafez Darwish, Founder and CEO of the FDHRD, stated that according to this decision the Egyptian citizen residing abroad cover the costs of treatment for emergency diseases in addition to the Corona virus, and provide the document of immediate assistance to Egyptians traveling abroad in the event that any of them suffers an accident or an emergency disease, and covers all medical expenses and hospital stay costs up to 30,000 euros or its equivalent, provided that the citizen bears the first 100 euros or its equivalent. In addition to covering the costs of transporting or returning the insured to his place of residence in the event of illness or accident, and returning the body in the event of the death of the insured person outside the country. The traveler also enjoys the same coverage for every trip that does not exceed 90 days during the validity period of the passport.
FDHRD, in the statement, stressed that this document will permanently eliminate some of the chronic problems that some residents abroad were suffering from when they were exposed to health problems or in the event of death outside Egypt.

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