Freedom of the Press… Between Unawareness of Laws and Political Movement

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Report of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue

Journalists have always been in the middle of any incidents countries passed by as being the most vulnerable categories who address freedom of expression issues. So journalists are the most vulnerable to lose their freedoms or suffer from any political or social incidents. The political scene in the last decade had its impacts and results on journalists. The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issues its report on the freedom of the press to monitor the conditions of journalists during the last two years (2018 and 2019) within many inquires about the media scene in Egypt in addition to inquiries about the roles assigned to the National Press Authority, the National Authority for Media and the Supreme Council for Media and the return of the minister of media: do all these bodies and authorities provide real support for journalists and the Egyptian media scene? Or will they increase restrictions on media and freedom of the press? The report reviews three main points: The first one is about the legislative framework which organized the press work and its effect on journalists; the matter which requires serious accuracy to guarantee performing the press message with tranquility and in accordance with standards which allow journalists to perform their missions in combat corruption and criticize in favor of society. The Egyptian constitution of 2014 states the formation of three independent authorities to organize the conditions of media and progress it, prevent monopoly, organize licenses and run the state media. In June 2016, the constitutive law of these authorities was issued to be represented in the Supreme Council for Media, the National Authority for Media and the National Press Authority. This was followed by the presidential decisions of formation in April 2017 when the Founding Committee for Media Syndicate has been formed.

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