Tarek El Sayed

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 Age: 18 years.

Assault date: 20 August 2020.

Tarek El Sayed was attacked by his 41-year-old American neighbor (Emilio Lopez) on Staten Island, by his neighbor because of a dispute over a parking lot, the American made a hole  in the rear frame of Tarek El Sayed’s car, and hit him with a baseball bat when he got out ofhis car to examine the damage, which led to the breaking of Tarek El Sayed’s arm and injured the head, andthe attacker Tarek El Sayed and his friends threatened to kill while waiting for the police, using several anti-Arab insults, repeating the words “Go back to your country.”    

Hubert Reyes of the New York Police Department said there was no mention in the police report on the incident about racial insults, but Tarek El Sayed told CNN that he told the police what he had been subjected to, expressing his pain at racial insults.

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