ECHRD & FDHRD call upon Italian Authorities to Stop Arbitrary Procedures Against Human Rights Activist Mohamed Arafat

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Press Release

The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue condemn today the arbitrary procedures taken by the Italian authorities against the syndicalistic human rights activist Mohamed Arafat, an Egyptian and one of the leaders of Si Cobas syndicate which is concerned with employees’ rights in TNT Company in Piacenza in Italy.

Mohamed Arafat was arrested on 1st February 2021 as he protests along with number of employees in the company due to dismissing big number of employees claiming restructuring the company; the matter which will lead to displacing hundreds of employees in violation to law. Arafat and three other syndicalistic personnel were arrested in the demonstration after the Italian police have used excessive violence towards peaceful demonstrators and break up the demonstration by force by firing tear gas bombs and chasing and pursuing demonstrators in streets. Then the Italian authorities have accused Arafat and his colleagues of inciting violence and resisting a public employee. 

Basma Fouad, the executive manager of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue, has said that Arafat is an impartial syndicalistic leader who has long history in defending employees’ rights and never violates the Italian law, yet he always call employees to be peaceful and not to use violence in presenting and calling for their demands and has continuously defend employees’ rights of all nationalities. Fouad added Arafat and his family is subjected to house arrest, is deprived from all means of communication and suffers from inhuman conditions because of restricting their freedom. 

Moreover, Said Abd El Hafez, the coordinator of the Egyptian Alliance for Development and Human Rights Dialogue has called the Italian authorities to drop the malicious charges against Arafat and his colleagues, cancel the decision of house arrest for him and his family and provide more humane environment for them.

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